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Wooden sewing cards with already made holes  and plastic needle are great for developing first sewing skills from three years. These wooden cards are easy to hold while sewing and can be sewed more than one time.


Wooden sewing card is made from 3mm thick wood and comes with yarn and plastic needle.  In this set there are two sewing cards - gingerman and Christmas tree.


Sewing not only gives opportunity to develop first sewing skills, but also improves fine motor skills that are in connection with language and speaking development. Working with a needle teaches how to hold a pen correctly and strengthens hand muscles.


Look here if you are interested in wooden sewing card with metallic needle or cardboard sewing cards.

Wooden sewing card with plastic needle

Choose your set
  • Set of 1 sewing kit includes:

    • 1 wooden sewing card (size 21x14.5cm)
    • yarn in 2 colors
    • plastic needle

    Set of 2 sewing kit includes:

    • 2 wooden sewing cards (size 21x14.5cm)
    • yarn in 4 colors
    • plastic needle

    Set of 3 sewing kit includes:

    • 3 wooden sewing cards (size 21x14.5cm)
    • yarn in 6 colors
    • 2 plastic needles

    Packing: recyclable box, size  220x60x27 mm (8.7x6.3x2 in).

  • Processing time: 1-3 business days

    We ship worldwide.
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