Painting with salt

Salt painting is fun craft activity for kids and parents. I enjoyed it myself!

What you need to paint salt with colored water?

  • Paper

  • PVA glue

  • Salt

  • Paints

  • Small jars (where you can make colored water)

  • Happy kids :)

How to make salt paintings

1. Print or draw picture with simple lines. We chose Christmas tree and rainbow this time.

2. Take your glue and draw “glue lines” over all lines. Do this fast so the have nice shape for the lines.

3. Use a spoon or simply fingers to sprinkle salt all over the glue. Don’t wait for this to dry, pour the spare salt that didn’t stick to the glue down.

4. Leave to dry now :)

5. Take your watercolors or simply make colored water with paint. Fill your brush with watered color and simply touch salt lines – water will go into salt lines and make your painting colorful.

Didn't make painting photo with rainbow, but you can see it in the video on the top of blog post.

TIP! With bigger brush painting will be faster as it can take in more water

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