How to make a dream catcher if you are just a preschooler??

Have you got a message from your preschooler “Mom, I want to make a dreamcatcher myself!” ?

Kids would love to make dream catcher at a young age - about 5-6 years. Dream catchers look lovely and easy to make. But actually it is not so easy for a preschooler. But we have a solution for that!

Make a dreamcatcher with an easy DIY project at home! There is no need to make a complicated one.

What you will need for this DIY dream catcher project:

  • Paper plate

  • Yarn or ribbon

  • Hole punch or needle or any sharp object to make quiet nice holes

  • Scissors

  • Beads and feathers (not obligated)

  • Crayons, pencils or paint (if wanted)

We have chosen black&orange colors as Halloween is coming, but you can choose your own colors. For example, to match with your room or in your favorite color.

Let's start to make dream catcher:

1. Take a paper plate, cut out the circle from it and make holes with any sharp object you have at home (scissors, puncher, needle etc.). I would suggest about 12 holes as there are on the clock.

2. Next step is to paint the frame if you want. Here you can use everything you have at home - crayons, pencils or paints. We choose black for the Halloween.

3. When painting is done you can now tie one end of your yarn or ribbon around the first hole and tie a knot. Then you can go through the holes in no exact order or you can follow the pattern shown in the next image. To follow the pattern we suggest to number the holes. Tie the know when you are finished.

4. Now it’s time to add the tails to the dream catcher. Measure how long you would like the tail strings and double that length then cut. Fold the tail in half and grab the middle section of the tail. Take the middle and place the loop over the bottom rim of the paper plate.

5. If you choose to add beads and feathers then now is the time!

And your dream catcher is ready!

If you want all the process to be even more easier for you as a parent, you can order wooden dream catcher craft kit with frame in the shape of owl, butterfly or unicorn. In these sets there are paints, brushes, ribbons and wooden decors - all materials needed to make a lovely dream catcher.

We will be happy to see how your dream catchers turned out!


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