DIY wooden bookmarks in 10 minutes

Bookmarks are easy to make yourself. You can make bookmarks from cardboard or paper. Cut it out, put some stickers on and it is ready for use.

We love to read books in our house. Specially before night time. One day it got tricky to find the page where we left last evening. That was out first big kid's book, not the one with colorful pictures but with lot of letters. It was book about Pippi Longstocking. Think lot of you have read it in your childhood. So we needed to make bookmark and I found great DIY bookmark project on Pinterest. So here it is.

What you need to make wooden bookmark yourself

· Wooden stick (colored or plain – kid can always paint it!)

· Paper that your kid likes or what you have (we suggest bit harder than basic plain paper)

· Some self-adhesive pearls, stars etc.

· Little bit of glue

· Puncher (only if you have one already)

How to make wooden bookmarks

1. If you have plain wooden stick, you can offer your child to color it.

2. Cut heart, star, circle or other shape from paper for the top or use puncher if you have one at home. Glue it on the top of stick.

3. Add self-adhesive decors on the same side as paper décor.

4. Bookmark is finished! How simple was that?

TIP! Add decors only on one side of the wooden stick. Otherwise, it will be too thick for books.

Where else to use these?

Every thing that we have, can be used in different ways. So is this!

We got these two ideas:

· Track the words on a page when reading. We know that kid can use finger, but it is more fun with self-made wooden bookmark.

· It can be magic wand for princesses or kings.

Share your DIY bookmarks and ideas what else they can be used for?

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