How entertaining our kids in developing way led to making craft sets for children all around the world?

Fox The Maker is founded by two moms who were always looking up ideas how to entertain kids in fun and educational way at the same time, to teach them new skills while playing and to be creative.

Parents know how hard it is to focus children's attention on one thing for longer period of time. And that feeling that it lasts only for a few minutes when you spent two days looking for all the materials you need. So we decided to make this easier for parents.


Fox The Maker is the place with DIY craft kits for meaningful and fun activities for kids and adults that helps to develop fine motor skills and improve creativity.

We want crafting and creating to be easy, fun and enjoyable. We have made different craft boxes with one or more DIY projects and materials altogether. You just need to choose the best for you.

We are for useful activities!

Agrita & Liene

and the Fox The Maker team

Fox The Maker

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